It seems Microsoft is not satisfied with just running on the Nokia Lumia range and they are looking to run as a second operating system option for HTC mobiles.

Nokia was recently bought out by the Redmond company, but this move wasn’t going to change any devices they currently operate the Windows on. It was, however, going to give MS more of a say in how the fundamentals of the phones work be done. Many had viewed that as a risky moved by Microsoft.

HTC has recently been in the news for suffering big profit losses in Q3 of this year and are seemingly in a lot of trouble in the immediate future. Their losses resulted in a net loss of over 100 million dollars.

The Taiwanese based company could very well be on board with the plans and opt in to having a second OS in their Smartphones. It would essentially mean that they keep on making Android devices, but also add a certain percentage of Windows devices in the same range of mobile phones.

If things don’t pick up soon for the owners of this years One X, they could soon find themselves in a similar boat to Blackberry, one that many forecasters are predicting will be the end of the road 18 months from now.

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