The HTC One M9 smartphone doesn’t offer users to install stock apps like you might with different devices such as the Samsung Galaxy range. That said, you can still install a few stock apps such as the Home Launcher, Music Player, Gallery, Keyboard, BlinkFeed, HTC Weather and other widgets.

There’s great news and some not so great news regarding this post. Let’s start with the positive option: you can install these stock apps on the HTC One M9, or any other smartphone — they don’t have to be under the HTC branding either. The bad news is that it does require root access and cannot be installed like a typical APK would be installed with a file manager like ASTRO from Google Play. We already have the way users can root the HTC One M9, so be sure to follow that guide if you do want to install the stock apps APK.

HTC One M9

The list of apps you’ll find inside the file below include:

  1. HTC Music Player
  2. HTC Weather
  3. HTC Voice Recorder
  4. HTC Keyboard
  5. HTC Gallery
  6. HTC Weather
  7. HTC Video Player
  8. HTC One M9 Home Launcher
  9. HTC Clock
  10. HTC BlinkFeed
  11. HTC File Manager
  12. WiFi widget
  13. GPS Widget
  14. Screen Brightness Widget
  15. Background Data Widget
  16. Auto Rotate Widget
  17. Screen Timeout Widget
  18. GPS Widget

Download the complete list of HTc One M9 stock apps from this link.

How to install the apps:

  1. Unlock the Bootloader on the HTC One M9
  2. Root the HTC One M9
  3. Install a custom recovery on the HTC One M9
  4. Alternate method: root and TWRP recovery on the HTC One M9 with Squabbie’s Toolkit
  5. Now that you have root access and a custom recovery installed, it’s time to download the apps. Get them here and download the file directly to the desktop of the computer. Do not unzip the apps package.
  6. Connect your M9 smartphone to the computer and transfer the zipped file over to the internal storage SD card.
  7. Boot the One M9 in the custom recovery mode.
  8. Choose the “install” option from the recovery menu.
  9. browse the SD card and upload the apps zip file.
  10. The device will now install the apps for you.
  11. Once complete, go back to the main custom recovery menu and select the reboot system now option.
  12. You’re all done! Now you have the M9 apps on your device.