The 1.0.0 Nexus 4 Toolkit lets users root, unroot, lock, unlock bootloaders and more. If you’re into customizing your Nexus 4, you can download the Nexus 4 Toolkit 1.0.0 after the jump. The mods will let users flash ROMs, back up, unlock, lock and root their devices. Even though the device has only been out a few days, the developers have worked hard for probably longer than that to make sure this Nexus 4 Toolkit is readily available for everyone!

Google Nexus 4

Mskip, who is one of the XDA Developers crew, was the man behind the release of this nifty new Nexus 4 Toolkit. As you already read, the toolkit allows users to do an amazing array of things. Just about everything you could want to do to customize your device can be done with this all-in-one Toolkit. When it comes to changing the Nexus 4 firmware, this toolkit is all you will need. The only thing that comes to mind that it doesn’t do is let user’s flash custom recovery. However, when it comes to rooting your devices this has every aspect of the procedure you need. Whether it be backing up your device, performing the NANDroid backup, install custom recovery, or whatever it is you need, this toolkit has it all. So if that’s the kind of thing your into, this is what you need because it makes it so simple compared to the other ways. It also saves a lot of extra hassle searching around the web for extra bits and pieces.

Many people tend to be a bit hesitant with toolkits or anything alike when it first comes out because they want to see what problems others have first. This is understandable, but if you want to root the Nexus 4 then you don’t need to wait, you can just dive in. With that said, just be careful and carry out any necessary research before you do dive.

You can anytime find the toolkit available from XDA Developers from this page.

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