Music has been a great relaxation activity of most of the people. People do like to listen to music to relax, or just their habits make them do so. If you own the latest Android or any other smartphone, you can then store thousands of songs in it and listen to them whenever you want. It has become so easy to immerse yourself in the music with you using your smartphone. Nowadays, most of the smartphones come with large memory, in which you can store thousands of tracks of your choice.


Android mobile’s market is growing day by day, and thus the addictive music users are going for Android smartphones. After having an Android smartphone, you can load it with the music of your choice by either moving files from your old phone or downloading from the Internet. The latter one lets you download the fresh tracks, from latest movies. In a regular smartphone, you would go to any site to download MP3 songs, but with an Android phone, it has become so easier.

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MP3 Music Download Pro is a free Android app that allows you to download millions of tracks from the vast library from Internet. The app lets you find your favorite songs and then you can download and store them on your smartphone. Along with music download, it has some other great features which make it easier for you to manage your music library and share it with your friends.

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With MP3 Music Download Pro, you can download latest songs, lyrics, and album covers. Lyrics and Album cover are the extra goodies that you are getting with your song. Managing options include to play a song, delete it or set it as your ringtone. You can do all these tasks directly from the app without going to File Manager or Music player. The app has equipped with multitasking; it lets you download more than one song simultaneously. Currently, it supports up to 3 songs download at a time. Thus, it saves your time, and you just have to add the songs which you want to download. MP3 Music Download Pro is a free app, and you can download it from the Android Market for your device using the link given below.

Download: MP3 Music Download Pro

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