You have come to the right place if you are searching for older iTunes versions to download. We are compiling a list of all the old build numbers that we can find online and putting them together in the one place. We’ll give you detailed description where we can about what values come along with each version. There are heaps of different iTunes releases over the years. We are compiling what we think are the ones worth noting so you can choose from the standout releases.

iTunes 9

The original iTunes 9 is available for download from the direct Windows links above. You can get the same (of all files on this page) for Mac by visiting the official Apple support page. The current version here comes with iTunes LP, Home Sharing, Redesigned iTunes store, Genius extras, Windows 7 Jump List, sync improvements, and iTunes extras with trailers, interviews, photos and more.

Download here, x64 here


iTunes 9.0.3

The 9.03 version came out during the early stages of 2010 (February/March) and comes with several improvements. The earlier version of iTunes would ignore the “Remember password for purchases” setting which was annoying. That problem is gone and it does remember the password now. You also get syncing fixes for podcast and playlists, resolves iPod connected bug and stability and performance enhancements.

Download here or x64 here


iTunes 10.0.1

Sharing is caring! The new build 10.0.1 comes with a new sidebar feature for Ping which makes it a cinch to share your music with people in your social network. It also comes with a bevy of features including Voice Over Kit for iPod support, look and feel improvements, performance enhancements, the introduction of Ping, third-party visualizer fixes, rent HD TV episodes for 99 cents each, picture quality fixes and a fix for the iTunes library appearing empty. It comes with one of the longest change-logs of the bunch.

Download here, x64 here


iTunes 10.2.1

Apple released 10.2 with great success. However, it does come with bugs. This is carrying the same features but one update ahead of the original release which comes with the bug fixes. Inside you will find the ability to sync your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 4.3. Furthermore, you have “Home Sharing” improvements with additional features. Now you can play/browse the iTunes libraries with Home Sharing on the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone running the iOS 4.3 software update.

Worth noting: people using the iOS jailbreak can update to this version without losing the jailbreak. You will still have Cydia and the default factory restrictions in place by Apple gone.

Download here [Windows x64 bit here]


iTunes 10.5.1

This version is the first to come with iTunes Match for Windows and Mac. It’s the first time Apple allows users to store your music in the cloud. people owning dupes of music already in the iTunes music store can listen to it free in the 256kbps AAC file format. The music service is available for $24.99 a year. Since then when you Apple have bought beats music and another music streaming service.

Download here, x64-bit PC here


iTunes 10.5.3

There isn’t a great deal music-wise inside this one. However, Apple did take the stage at an important Guggenheim Museum in New York announcement to further enhance education from iTunes. The build here comes with interactive textbooks to expand the iTunes U service.

Download here, 64-bit here


iTunes 11.1.3

Apple recently released remote App for iOS to version 4.0. The latest version of iTunes here comes with compatibility with that service. Likewise, there are many bugs fixed from this version after the original version of iTunes 11–one of the largest changes to the Apple music service. Whenever we see large jumps they always comes with bugs that need addressing. We highly recommend downloading this version over the earlier 11.0, 11.1.1 and 11.1.2 builds.

Download here, 64-bit here


iTunes 11.2.2

One of the largest updates to Mac OS X that I can remember was the release of OS X mavericks. Still relatively new today, Mavericks gets its name from a popular big wave surfing place in California–the same state which is the home of the Cupertino company. You can compatibility with OS X mavericks inside this new 11.2.2 firmware build number. Therefore, if you are running mavericks on your laptop or computer, this is the version you want to have.

Download  here, Windows x64 here


iTunes 12.0.1 is the latest build I recommend downloading. It comes with Yosemite support, Apple released OX S Yosemite and the 12.0.1 iTunes update at the same time specifically designed to support the new operating system requirements. if you are using Yosemite I would only be running from this build on.