Nokia released its Android-based device, and now Nokia has been sold to Microsoft (not entirely), and there is a rumor that Nokia will come back in smartphone race next or next to next year. Anyhow, if you have reached the point that if you already bought one of them and not satisfied with a fast lane or Nokia x platform (that’s what Nokia calls to its Android-based OS). Today I will tell you a way to install Android Lollipop custom ROM on your phone (X or XL).


Tools you need:

  • A Windows-based PC with Internet connection.
  • Your phone with a custom recovery installed on it (TWRP recommended).
  • A USB cable to transfer files to your phone (make sure that your phone have an SD card).


  • Charge your phone to 70% at least so it won’t go off during the process.
  • Before installing the ROM take a full backup of previous ROM using custom recovery ‘s backup option.
  • Backup all of your sensitive data to any safe place. Also, sync your contacts to your Google account.

Download Links:

  • Android Lollipop ROM for Nokia X/XL