If you have tinkered with the operating system of your device since its release during November of 2014 with unfavorable results, you may have bricked the Motorola Moto Maxx. If that’s true, we have the step by step guide for you to follow below. All up the guide only takes a few minutes to complete. We want to run you through some of the essentials before you start with the steps. That way you know the risks, who should be unbricking and what you need in preparation.

Bricking usually happens to people who are installing custom ROMs, custom firmware and other unofficial tasks after opening the system internals with root access. That’s because technically that’s it bricking means. However, if you are running stock Android (with or without added bloatware) and experiencing a shaky ROm with severe bugs, you too can follow the guide using the same tool.

Motorola Moto Maxx

So, the steps do apply for everyone experiencing a technical soft-brick or you can follow the same to just try to restore your device back to a usable state and relief from bugs and other issues. Now that we understand how can use the steps, it’s time to learn everything you need.

We are using the RSD Lite tool for the guide. That’s the same tool we already used for the Verizon Droid Turbo. Both handsets get made by Motorola and have similar system internals so the tool is successful in bringing both handsets back to life.

Since we are flashing the official stock firmware build to go along with the RSD program, we are downgrading the current OS to earlier Android builds; thus you can use the same guide to just downgrade your device. That goes for people who have no bricking issues.

The following doesn’t take away any remaining warranty you have left for the device. You can use the guide below and still send your device away for repairs and have them fixed on the house. There’s nothing unofficial about the work below.

Furthermore we still recommend you take a backup of the handset data before starting the steps even though it’s an official process. You can still lose data. Those erring on the side of caution should make copies of the phone contacts so you don’t lose your friends numbers, call logs, pictures, video, music and anything else you want to keep.

We are downloading the Lite program to the desktop of the computer, That means you must have a computer to use the guide. Moreover, you must have the USB drivers for the phone fully installed on the computer.

It doesn’t matter what type of operating system you have. You can use the same for Mac OS X (any version including Mountain Lion and Mavericks), Windows Xp through to Windows 8.1 and Linux open source kernels.

How To Quickly Unbrick Motorola Moto Maxx

  1. Download the stock Android official firmware here.
  2. Download the RSD Lite program here.
  3. Use the desktop of the computer for the RSD Lite pack.
  4. Unzip the pack on the desktop and open the executable file to start using the program.
  5. Start with the phone off and then proceed to the next step.
  6. press and hold the Power + Volume Up keys and get in fastboot mode.
  7. Connect the Moto Maxx to the computer using the USB cable.
  8. Run the RSD Lite package.
  9. Click the icon which displays three small dots as if you were implying a thought.
  10. Pluck the firmware from the desktop (the secondary file you downloaded earlier)
    Click the mouse over the uncompress option.
  11. Do not touch any programs on the computer or phone until the flashing completes.
  12. If it doesn’t automatically reboot after it stops, you should reboot the device yourself.
  13. Disconnect from the computer properly by stopping the USB Mass Storage Device.
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