The official factory image is readily made available by the Google team. You can easily flash the same using the link toward the end of this post. We recommend you read through the report so you know what to look out for, including what you need to do before you installing the file. The image is for 5.0.2 Lollipop–the latest version of Android firmware available for any device.

Our sources were suggesting that Google’s own nexus range of devices apart from the 9 and 5 might not see the 5.0.2 update. We covered that in a write-up you can view here. However, interestingly, we had sources telling us that some people were already finding the update on at least some of the devices in question. that made the reports hazy at best.

Nexus 10

There’s obviously been a long hold-up in proceedings, but that likely is due to developers trying their best to fix bugs and create better stability in the operating system before releasing the next batch up software updates.

You might remember us announcing Android 5.0 Lollipop as the biggest change Android has seen since dating back to Gingerbread. Well, that’s no lie when it comes to features. Sadly, the downside so that is it is going to come with bugs. Even modern-day developers cannot escape the dreaded technology bug infestation that often creeps into you new firmware builds. For the most part, it’s still safe enough to install on your daily smartphone or tablet, but might come with a few issues which stop your experience from being perfect.

Furthermore, today marks the day that the official Android 5.0.2 Lollipop factory image is available for the Nexus 10. With that news we are assuming the rest of the Nexus range including the Nexus 7 will have the same version coming. It still addresses mainly bug and doesn’t come with many feature.

Moreover, the second coming of KitKat last year came with a range of different features such as white status bar icons, white navigation bar, wireless printing, cloud printing, full screen album art from the lock screen, new emoji, immersive mode and heaps more. the second coming of Lollipop isn’t as feature-rich as Google and all the folks out of Mountain View are working hard on bugs that are still in the system.

Some of the known bugs we can talk about are severe battery draining with some devices only lasting a few hours, some applications are not showing text and general annoyances. I was reading a piece last night which states that it’s normal to have battery draining after updating the new software because your battery isn’t synced with the software yet. It takes time for the battery and software to get to know each other again. That might explain the hindrance for many owners. However, the severe draining likely is because of a bug.

So, those wanting to update their Nexus 10 tablets with the latest 5.0.2 version can install the factory image from here. The official over the air release isn’t out yet. That means if you want the automatic update which comes direct to the devices display, you must wait longer. Use the factory image to skip the waiting period.

Understand that it’s important to back up the tablets data before installing the factory image because the data might be wiped during the installation. You want to store the phone contacts, pictures and music to the internal storage. Google Drive also offer a free limited amount of space if you are running low of SD card space.