OnePlus is a new smartphone manufacturer which introduced its first phone last year to the market. They did everything right with the branding thanks to a young and hip  Pete Lau, who was previously the vice president of OPPO. The logos were cool and appealing to young people, the phone looked the goods without being extremely expensive and it came preloaded with a CyanogenMod 11S UI custom ROM.

The only obvious problem for some was the invite system inclusion that was probably designed to make the device seem more exclusive and cool but turned out annoying people who couldn’t get an entry. Realistically, we assume the invite system wasn’t a business idea, but more done because they couldn’t keep up with demand. Then, later on the year just before 2014 was ending, the OnePlus phone-maker had disagreements with the Cyanogen Inc. team and the custom ROMs future on the phone was appearing shaky to say the least.

OnePlus Two

According to reports leaking out today, there is a second-generation handset on its way and we are expecting the name coming as OnePlus Two. Furthermore, the new display will be a Quad-HD 1440 x 2560 display which is a jump up from last years Full HD 1080 x 1920 display. Additionally, there will be no CyanogenMod custom ROM coming preloaded this time, after what happened with the verbal disagreements last year. The new ROM is coming direct from the OnePlus brand. That could mean we see some different bloatware coming pre-installed on devices this year that owners didn’t get last year to compensate for the lack of features they are missing from the CyaongenMod pairing.

Reports from GizChina’s post suggest we are getting the same 5.5-inch screen size that we got last year. Moreover, the body could be coming slimmer–similar to what we have with the iPhone 6S how it’s light, slim and large in display size.

OnePlus’s secret to success was coming out with a phone with good specs that were fashionably late on the scene. However, they weren’t too late for them to be outdated. That allows them to produce the same specs cheaply. As you know, the Snapdragon 810 System Chip is already out for at least one Android-based smartphone. The new OnePlus two plans to have the Snapdragon 810 system chip and it will come out just before some handsets upgrade to something above the 810. Even though someone in the industry can pick up on that game plan which allows for the profits, it’s still a great device thanks to the branding.