If you own the Sony SmartWatch 2 you should keep your eyes open for a new software update that comes with the firmware build numbers 1.0.B.6.32/1.0.A.4.11. The two different build numbers are clear on the same watch when checking the “About Smartwatch” statistics. Furthermore, the phone client build shifts to 1.6.23.

Smartwatches are still new technology where users are trying to understand how to use them. Many people are reporting on bugs that aren’t really bugs as such, but more just applications making some adjustments. However, some people were finding their watches disconnecting for long periods. While there is no official change log release from Sony, we know from experience that there can always be other bug fixes that are not mentioned in any official change log.

Smartwatch 2

Reports suggest that the disconnecting issue some users were facing is now resolved after updating to this version. Moreover, you still might have other bugs that are fixed which we don’t know about. The result is if you are experiencing a bug in your system that you don’t know how to fix, updating to the latest software is always a great idea.

Watch owners erring on the side of caution should look at backing up the device before installing the over the air signals. Are you using the latest iteration on your device yet? Let us know in the comments what you think and if you have any more information, We’d love to share it in the post or keep it in the comments for others to read.

If you are facing any problems that the software update doesn’t fix, you should try to press the button for a soft reset. Now check again and see if that’s helped the problem. Don’t forget that soft reset won’t wipe the data. However, if you are applying a hard reset the data must be backed up beforehand.

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