Blackberry Messenger for Android mobiles and tablets has been updated to version The BBM 2.0 can be downloaded direct from the Google Play store here.

BBM was originally released for Android and iOS in October of 2013, and since then it has been a big hit, but not perfect. The developers have worked hard at bringing in some new features and this new version has given users the chance to add photos quicker than before and gives the options of sharing the location of contacts thanks to the program called Glympse.

Blackberry QWERTY keyboard


The first update launched in November of 2013. It brought with it the ability to share your BBM Pin and the Pin barcode with it to social media sharing sites like Facebook. Pins were included because it gave users a way to make the contacts more private by letting them have more control over who can or can’t send them a message. The standard way of adding an email or phone number like we see from other messaging platforms such as Apple’s iMessages, doesn’t give this much privacy.

Bug fixes and improvements in the software updates are always common, but this was the first real feature change that we saw until today where we have some added extras that users of the popular messenger client can use.

This new update comes only days after Blackberry lost Andrew Bocking, who was the Executive VP for BBM. It is also expected that BBM will have another update later in 2014 that brings in free voice calls and Video, similar to what we see in FaceTime. The free voice calling option has already been included in this package here.

iOS users will also have the same update coming their way at roughly the same time. Android users will need to be running Android 4.0 and up for this application to be compatible.