Google Play Music is updated to version 5.4. There are several new features worth noting in this update. The first one is ‘My Devices’ which is a new tab that now shows up in the app settings. It appears under ‘cancel All Access’ and above ‘Equalizer’. You will also see a brief description underneath the heading ‘My Devices’ that says “Access your music from up to ten devices”.

Android Police say that this build number is 5.4.1409N although if you look at the official app, it says the version number is 5.3.1317M. They know more about this than we do, so we’ll take their word for it. We certainly have seen the occasional hiccup from Google and Android in the past so we do believe this could be true. We wouldn’t doubt it for a second. It won’t change anything except when you tell your friends or want to look up information for the update you are running, so make sure you have written the correct listing.

Google Play Music


In terms of features, there are many of them. Also, included in this update is the Chromecast bug fix that will take away duplicate content, the cast button has been relocated, there’s a new ‘Play Next’ button, a ‘Refresh Music’ button and Offline radio caching has also been included in this update. All up that’s a lot to take in, and it’s worth your while upgrading from the Google Play Store here.

Android Police has also done an extensive write-up including a lot of new screenshots you can take a look at here. If you already have the application all you have to do is download the APK, which is signed by Google and it will install the update on top of the existing application. If you don’t have it yet it will install it fresh from scratch for you. At the end of the day both ways will end up with the same updates and results.

We hadn’t heard anything from Google Play Music since December 2013 when the app officially made its way to Google Glass. All Access subscribers then got Glass invites in the mail so that they could own a pair for testing.

iOS users were able to use Google Play Music from the Apple app store starting from November 2013.