It is a fact that navigating and surfing through the tiny screen of your Smartphone is not a task that you would enjoy. Dolphin browser tries to make browsing through your Smartphone much more user-friendly and convenient. That is one of the first browsers to use gestures to help you navigate through different web pages easily. Ever since it was released, Dolphin Browser has received positive reviews from the developers and users alike. The overwhelming user experience of the app has made people download Dolphin Browser for PC and use it on their computers as well.


The Features of Dolphin Browser

  • User Interface: The browser has a very simple yet attractive layout. You will be able to search Google from the home page and go to your bookmarks by typing the URL.
  • Speed Dials: The browser provides shortcuts, named Speed Dials that will directly get to sites like Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, and Twitter. With the Speed Dials, you can edit and customize the same to fit your needs.
  • Draw A Gesture Tool: This tool is located at the bottom of the browser. With the help of this tool, you can use gestures to navigate through the browser with ease. The app has preloaded gestures which can be edited to customize if you wish to. For instance, to move to the bottom of the current web page, you can only draw a “V”. Like this, you will be able to associate a specific gesture to a particular website: drawing a “G”, to open the Google home page. That is an incredibly innovative way to navigate through a browser.
  • Dolphin Sonar: This will let you speak you command that you want the browser to carry out. This feature is only available only with a paid upgrade.


Download Dolphin Browser for PC

Did it ever occur to you that you can use Dolphin Browser for PC and get the same user experience as on your Smartphone? There are different ways to get Dolphin Browser for PC. As the Dolphin Browser is an Android application, you will not be able to use it on your PC directly. You will need the BlueStack app to make the application run on your PC. You can get the BlueStack Application downloaded and installed on your computer.

Once you have the BlueStack App installed on your computer, the next step would be to download the apk file for Dolphin Browser forms the Google Play Store. After the apk file is downloaded, you can install the program through the BlueStack application. You need to open the Dolphin Browser apk file through BuleStack, and the installation process will be completed automatically. Once this is done, you can use Dolphin Browser for PC like any other browser on your PC.


According to statistics, the application has received over 600,000 5 star reviews on the Google Play Store, and it is highest for any browser till date. The laurels that Dolphin browser has received are the main reason that people use Dolphin Browser for PC as well.

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