Dino Pets is a casual game developed by for various mobile phones platforms like Android, iOS and the like. The game will take you to the world where Humans and Dinosaurs live together, and it is the time that you can help the Dinosaurs save their babies and thus their race from the meteor that is heading towards the earth. The game has been embraced by both users and critics alike and thus making the option to get Dino Pets for PC Download very common online.

Let us find out some of the exciting features of this game:


A wide variety of Dinosaurs: You will have numerous Dinosaurs that will start as babies in their shelters at the beginning of the game. You can observe them growing and help them live on into the future.

Create shelters of your own: On your quest to help and look after various Dinosaur babies, you can create shelters and havens to them. You can use your imagination and creativity to build excellent shelters and populate them with different breeds of Dinosaurs.

Go social with Dino Pets: The game supports Facebook integration where you can log in and invite friends to play the same. You can have them like and share your rewards with them online.


Apart from these exciting features, the game also includes a wide plethora of other interesting features as well. It is evident that you want to get Dino Pets for PC Download and play it on your PC. Read on if you have no idea on how to get Dino Pets for PC Download.

Methods to get Dino Pets for PC Download

As the game is intended for various mobile phone platforms, you will not be able to play the same on your PC just like any other game. You need to have BlueStacks-an emulator program that lets Android apps to run on PCs- on your computer. You can read our guide on how to get BlueStacks on your PC for details.


Method 1: Get Dino Pets for PC from the internet

Open the BlueStacks application on your PC and type “Dino Pets for PC Download” on the search box that you see. The application will search the internet for “Dino Pets for PC Download” and install the game on your PC. An icon for the game will be created in the application menu of the BlueStacks application from which you can launch and play the game.

Method 2: Get Dino Pets for PC with apk file

You need to get the Dino Pets apk file in this approach, and Dino Pets apk file is available free on Google play store. Once downloaded, open the apk file with BlueStacks and give your permission for the installation. After the installation, an icon for the Game will be created in the application menu of BlueStacks. You can launch the game on your PC from this icon.

Once you have Dino Pets for PC Download completed, you would find it hard to put this game, as it packs unlimited fun for you.

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