After a remarkable success of Angry Birds games series, Rovio has introduced a new game named Amazing Alex, a physics-based puzzle game apps for Android and iOS platform. Rovio has become a billionaire after many downloads of the megahit game Angry Birds, where users have to slingshot the target to escape the angry birds. Now again the same name Rovio has come back with a brand new thought and game plan, Amazing Alex where people has to do a lot of brain work to solve the challenging puzzles at different levels of the game.

A whiz kid named Alex is the main character rather player of this game. This kid will be creating various contraptions with the houseful fun toys like cars, balloons, etc. with his boundless imagination. This game is consisting of 100 challenging levels across four fun-filled locations. And in each level, you have to create the contraption with the help of 35 different household articles to guide your ball to reach to its final destination. Three stars will be there along the path of the ball. As long as the ball traverses through these intricate paths, that many points will be added to your scoreboard. If you stuck in between any of these tricky levels, you could complete the game with the help of those 35 objects. Moreover, you can go for online help if someone who has already solved that level. Even if you can solve any tricky level, you can share the tricks to solve that particular over the net.

Amazing Alex

Eye Catching Features

  • The game has 100 challenging levels at its release.
  • 35 helping objects to solve the puzzle.
  • Free updates whenever there is a new update.
  • Online Help for solving the tricky levels.
  • The creation of your contraption i.e. new level.
  • Supportive Versions
  • To run this Amazing Alex game apps on Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad the following compatible Operating Systems are required:
  • Android: Android 1.6 and up
  • iPhone/ iPad/ iPod: iOS 4.2 and up


Rovio has introduced this game for Android smartphones and iPhone and iPad as well. It costs $0.99 for Android and iPhone and $2.99 for iPads. You can download this game at free of cost, but it will be ad-supported.


Download Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex can be downloaded for different platforms from the following links:

Download: Amazing Alex Game for Android [Free OR Premium]

Download: Amazing Alex Game for iOS [iPhone OR iPad]


This game is not the original creation by Rovio rather it is the re-make of Casey’s Contraptions. Having purchased the Amazing Alex game, a lot of changes are made with some new features, but maximum levels are still same as it was in Casey’s Contraptions. So it is the same game with new flavor only. It is made much more polished with lots of creativity.

Now, we have to look forward seeing how people take this game app and whether this game can become the ideal successor of Angry Birds or not. We have to wait a little bit to get the answers to these questions as it is released very recently.


So far thousands of people have played this game and has come up with positive feedbacks.

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