Direct Tv is a popular cable, subscription service available in the United States. Up until now these cable apps have been a bit of a disaster, with many resorting to free channels just to try to gain some popularity. The problem wasn’t a lack of exposure and understanding that they were out there though, it was just that they sucked. Until now, that is.

The latest DirectTV app has been boosted to version 3.0 and just like a talented wide-out, 3 seems to be the magic number in TV apps also. This is first and foremost credited to the completely revamped UI, which is much different from before. Not only different, but much more effective too.

Things are just better in the new version. No more trying to find your way through a maze; things can be found easily and are where your brain assumes they would be, for once.

The best part about is that you don’t need to be a current subscriber to DirectTV at all. The app comes completely free for anybody to install and give it a go. Currently on the Google Play store, the app has over 5 million downloads and is picking up in popularity real quick. You can get your hands on yours from the direct link below.
DIRECTV App v3.0

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