Back in June we first introduced to you the Sony Honami. Since then the mobile has been all but confirmed and we have seen a few extra goodies in store. Today, there is one worth blogging about.

The Honami — or Xperia Z1 as its proper given name is said to be — looks like it will have an LED notification light as a feature.

The image made it’s may onto Facebook and was quickly claimed by an Asian website as their own. Since then it has quickly grown into a viral sensation to any Xperia fans. You can catch a glimpse of what appears to be the Xperia Z1 on charge with the LED light on the display.

The mobile, dubbed the ‘Honami’ is said to be coming in two different sizes — one rather large which will compete with the likes of the S4 and the other one being a mini version. There is currently some debate which one it is exactly that is featured in this image.

LED’s are not uncommonly found inside of Sony’s devices, however, this is normally reserved for the flagship models and not the mid-range products. From what we are seeing here they may be developing them inside of lesser quality devices in future.

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