This is interesting indeed. Thanks to ePrice — who have come up with many great leaks lately it must be said — we have great shots which confirm a fingerprint reader is already equipped and ready to go in the latest HTC One Max. Otherwise known as the biggest mobile in the range.

This is big news because rumors of such a feature first rolled out for the next generation iPhone a few weeks ago. It was not confirmed, however, although there were some scriptures found in the back-end of the iPhone beneath the surface which hinted at its existence. Now, though, it seems manufacturers are all too aware of this as a coming saga and are already implementing their own versions, starting with the Chinese version of the HTC One mobile.

You can catch a glimpse of what I’m talking about here:

That’s not all ePrice managed to come up with either. It seems the new HTC One will also have a removable back cover. That’s not considered to be of any great significance, however, because most Smartphones over that side of the world come with removable back. From the images looks like that’s where the SIM sits. Not a bad idea really? You can see what I’m talking about below:

The last thing which has been discovered is the alleged ‘dual camera’ mode, which will let users swap between modes when taking their happy snaps. The information on this is currently a little thin, but there are reports of it possibly turning out something like what the Galaxy S4 currently has.

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