This is a quick installation guide on how users can install the ClockworkMod recovery on the Nexus S. CWM is a type of custom recovery that lets users do heaps of things that can’t be done normally. Each Android has its usual recovery system, however, if you want to root the device or anything like that, you will need to get a custom version. There is several on the market that is really good, and many people have their own preference which one they would prefer to use. However, there’s no denying that ClockworkMod is the biggest one of the them, with a few coming a close second such as TWRP recovery.

Use the Nexus S internal memory to back up all personal data and settings. That way it is stored if anything goes wrong. You will need to store it so that it can be restored if you need it. If you don’t do this before starting the guide, then you run the risk of losing all the data that is on the phone.

Enable USB Debugging from the developer options menu.

Take a look at the battery percentage to see how much is left. You need more than 70% to make sure it is installed safely.

This instruction here is only for the handset that is in the title. Attempting to use it for any of the others could be dangerous and it’s not a good idea to try it or else you run the risk of bricking the device.

CWM is one of the types of custom recoveries that are available on the market. It is arguably the most popular out of the all even though there are also some other good options out there to try. Often it is the guide you need it for that will decide which one you use. For example, some guides are easier to follow using TWRP recovery so in that case it is the one you should use instead. It’s always a good idea to look for developer recommendations and not assume that Clockwork is the one you want to have. Having said that, often more than one type of custom recovery can do a job so it won’t always matter which one you decide to use. It could come with a different process, though.

How to install the CWM Recovery for the Samsung Nexus S device

1. Go ahead and download the ROM manager app from the Play Store. We have provided the link there for you.

2. From the ROM manager app you just downloaded, select Flash ClockworkMod Recovery. You will need a WiFi connection to get this done.

3. Follow the prompts on-screen to confirm your device.

4. Now the ROM manager will get you to select which Recovery you would like. From here select the ClockworkMod recovery (CWM recovery).

That’s all to it. The Samsung nexus S will now have CWM recovery installed.

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