The HTC Amaze 4G was a mobile we covered over a year ago for the root. However, as time goes on, these things change, mainly because something easier has come about. This is a perfect example of that scenario coming out. Having said that, there is really no right or wrong way, don’t let it confuse you. Because the device is fairly old now, there is only several ways of doing it. We will show the SuperUser technique new way which we think is the best and easiest. Check it out below.


To have a connection between the computer and the mobile, you will need to have HTC USB drivers.This is a requirement for all the devices. You can hit up the link provided and get yours. Some had it already. Those of you who do, then only continue to the manual. If unsure, try to plug-in the Amaze and see how it goes. If there is an issue, come back to this step, because it is more than likely a mistake.

Deactivate any security protection that might be running on your computer and HTC Amaze. They can interfere with the installation process so it’s best to temporarily disable them for now. If you completely uninstall them make sure you remember to download them again so you have antivirus protection after finishing. This way you will keep all virus threats out. Having security turned off during this process won’t harm your devices as long as you don’t do any internet browsing at the same time.

Backup all of your data in the HTC phone’s internal memory. If you back up all the personal settings and data before doing the installation, then everything can be recovered again if it is lost during the process.

Once root access is given, you will lose all warranty rights. The only way to restore the warranty again is by downgrading to the stock firmware afterwards. This will mean that the Amaze 4G will be un-rooted again.

If you already have TWRP or CWM recovery then you can create an NANDROID backup of the Rom before using the tutorial.

 Rooting the HTC Amaze 4G with SuperUser Access

1. With the USB cable supplied, connect the HTC Amaze to the computer. It will need to be a Windows computer.

2. Download this One Click Perm Root Tool here. This will be the tool that allows us to root the device.

3. Extract the zip file to the computers C Drive.

4. Go to the files and find the one called ZergRushTempRoot.bat. Once you have found it, click it.

5. The file will now start rooting the phone. Wait patiently for it to finish. It will reboot when it is done. If it does not reboot, then you will need to reboot manually. When you boot it back up again, it will have root access

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