Here is the new PAC-Man updated ROM. What is with the name? PAC-Man stands for Paranoid+AOPK+CyanogenMod. If you take the first letters of those powerful words in the Android community, you end up with Pac. I am assuming they throw in a “man” because it is one of the best classic games ever made and many people know it. It is also used as the logo so there’s no doubt of the connection.

The PAC-man Rom is distributed as a free aftermarket part based on Android 4.2.2 jelly Bean available for the Galaxy S2 SGH-i777. That means that it is not officially made by the Samsung developers or any company.

After you install a custom ROM OTA updates cannot be applied because they need the standard firmware to work with. It will put an end to any updates you see coming in. It does not stop you from updating to the firmware manually, but if you do then you will need to install a custom ROM again.

You should backup all of your data before starting the guide. The best way to do this is by using the devices internal memory. It will make sure you will not lose any personal data because it will be stored inside. You can upload all your data again by using an application available from the Google Play store. With custom ROMs or unofficial firmware there is the NANDROID backup option which many people prefer.

Stop any security from running on the device. It can interfere with the installation process.

Enable USB Debugging mode by visiting Developer Options. It is hidden in Android 4.2 so to unlock it click on the build number 7 or more times. It will start counting you don and let you know how many more taps is required until it unlocks.

Be sure to read every step carefully so you do not get anything out of place. If you come across any problems always go back and factory reset the device. It is why backing up is so important.

Last but not least, make sure that the smartphone/tablet/phablet you are installing this on already has root and more importantly is running the latest ClockworkMod recovery.


What was the old version of the Pac-Man ROM? The old version was version 22.1.0

What is different from the old version? Here is the ChangeLog:

 # 22.1.0 -> 22.2.0

– Pac-In-Black Toggle

– Initial LDPI Support

– Updated AOKP Sources to Milestone1

– Fixed: Navbar rings 90° rotate into landscape

– Lockscreen Theming support

– New Battery Styles

– AOKP Ribbon

– Added missing MDPI battery icons

– Lockscreen SOD Fixed

– Settings layout redone

– Minimal boot animation

– Updated/Added Translations

– More minor updates

What features does the PAC-Man ROM have? PAC-Man uses the latest CyanogenMod 10.1 and the latest Android 2.2.2 Jell Bean. Having AOPK in its name, it also uses the latest AOPK. It also uses all the latest settings for these things, as well as the latest sightings from AOSPA 2.99. There’s also a barrage of other sweet features to check out.

How do I install the PAC-Man ROM then? By following this guide:

Flashing for a first time installer:

1. Wipe all the data and the system. You are now safe to flash it.

2. Go ahead and flash Google GApps.

3. Reboot the device now and you are finished!

Upgrading to the PAC-Man ROM:

1. Wipe the Cache. You also want to wipe the Dalvik cache.

It is often only a recommendation in our guides, but you have to do it for this. Proceed with the flashing.

(Source: XDA). Hit up this thread and kindly donate to the original developers.

If you are reading this after May 2014 we are now way past Jelly bean and into KitKat for many devices. You may want to see if there is a newer ROM for your device instead. However, not all devices are updated and some are still on Jelly Bean so that might apply to you.


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