This is a cool new ROM for selected HTC devices running ICS. It seems to currently be most popular on the HTC Desire HD. I have included the full list of devices, it will work on below. If your device does not appear on this list, then do not try it. You will just have to keep dreaming for now.

What does this ROM feature? Get hooked on Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4. This ROM is based off of the Incredible S 4.14.405.2.

Which Android devices can I expect the Blackout ROM to work on? I mentioned it was newly acquainted with the DEsire HD, but there are also other models this custom ROM will work for. It is tested and works on the HTC Inspire 4G, HTC Vivo and others.

Are there any devices it could work for that have not had extensive testing for? Yes. This ROM could work for the HTC Glacier, HTC My Touch 4G as well as the HTC Saga. The developer has not tested the ROM for these devices.

Is there any known bugs in this ROM? Yes. If you are using the My Touch, you can expect a honky front facing camera. The keyboard in landscape mode seems to come up as an arrow-less. Also, some headset buttons have been known to play up.

It says version 3.2. How many versions have there been? All up there have been 7 versions. Each one has brought a bunch of fixes to the new version. After looking at the video of it working, everything runs very smoothly. The battery life is better than earlier versions. Browse through your phone without any lag, between apps or any extras.

I’m almost persuaded to get it. Tip me over the edge! This ROM is very customization. It comes as the standard black and green, but you can enter the menu for a huge list of customization options. If you are the type that looks to play around, and have the freedom of making lots of changes, then this ROM is for you.

That’s all good, so where can I get it? Download it here.

(Source: XDA)

Don’t forget to please donate to the original developers by hitting up the XDA thread.

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