This is a smart phone that is brought out by Cricket. Cricket is a smaller American phone carrier, which wouldn’t normally go in a market such as the quirky keyboard for mobile phones. For whatever reason they did, and in all honesty, if you don’t mind this style of mobile, it isn’t too bad at all. There’s a good shot of it and its screen in the image which is posted below.

Don’t start until you know you have the Samsung Galaxy USB drivers. The next thing, which is a must have, is the USB debugging mode. Once that is all sorted, continue on down the page, because you’re ready to start.

By following this method, it will void the Transfix warranty. Always select to download the file to your desktop. Inside the folder is the superuser.apk. You will need this before trying the guide.

Back up all important personal data before starting. It’s important because you risk losing it all.

How to root the Samsung Transfix

1. Download the following root package.

2. Extract the files to your desktop for easy access.

3. With the USB cable supplied, connect the Samsung Transfix to the Windows PC.

4. Execute the run.bat file on the desktop. From the extracted zip.

5. Now you can expect to see a few on-screen instructions. Simply follow them as it says to complete the process.

You can now start to flash custom Rom’s and search for custom applications to install on the Transfix.

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