The Mach LS860 is something different from LG, who is normally known for making all of their devices with the same shape. Instead, this time, they went for the quirky keyboard look, because every company needs to jump into that market, right? Apparently everybody should have at least one of those in the range anyway. This one at least has a 4 inch screen so it’s not such a big deal. That is around 0.3 smaller than the average iPhone, which puts it just into the “too small for a normal keyboard” field so it’s understandable why they did this. Many people actually enjoy these type of keys though, so it’s not fair to treat it anything other than purposely made for that audience. We really don’t have anything against them either. One of the first Smartphones we ever saw was a Blackberry and for that reason it will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Before you begin rooting the LG Mach LS850, make sure your device has at least 80% battery. This is to ensure a smooth process. Please make sure you have also backed up the device.

Back up everything before going further. The Mach’s a little different compared to the devices we usually use like anything from the galaxy range, so you can’t simply use a Micro SD. For root users, use Titanium back up or something like taking a Nandroid for it. This is all you need. If you want to learn more about the items we just mentioned go and check out an Android forum like XDA one the one under the same name as “Android Forums”.

We don’t have one of these little beauties ourselves, but we have taken a look around at all the information we could find. There’s not a lot that can go wrong, which is nothing short of fantastic for you guys. Get rid of any security like anti-virus and firewall for the time being until this guide is finished. Those two things are the main culprit to an unhappy user when trying to do this. Other than that, there’s not much else to mention.

People attempting to follow this procedure should be classed as advanced. If you are not familiar with this type of work you should seek assistance from someone who is. If anything does go wrong, you shouldn’t blame us for it.

Go to the settings and Developer Option menu. In this area you will find the USB Debugging option. Make sure it is enabled.

That has covered all of the prerequisites necessary. You can now move on and start the guide.

How to root LG mach LS860 on JB And ICS:

1. Click this XDA thread for the root package and download it. Save it to your Windows PC desktop for easy access. Extract the files.

2. With the USB cable supplied, connect the Mach LS860 to the computer.

3. Locate the run-me. bat file and run it. You will see some on-screen instructions now. Follow these until it’s finished.

Once it has been rooted, the device will reboot automatically. When it boots back up it should be rooted.


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