The Big Red has a rooting and custom recovery available for the Samsung Galaxy S6. Once you have both of those up and running on your S6 handset, you can think about uploading your first ROM. Choose from Rick’s ROM, Revolution 1.0, CleanROM and a few others that are well worth a look.

Samsung Galaxy S6

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Extreme Syndicate v8:

The Extreme Syndicate custom ROM has been built to give you the highest possible performance from your Galaxy S6. The Extreme Syndicate v8 custom ROM is debloated so you can have more space than before and use up that additional space with more games and apps. The Extreme Syndicate custom ROM is deodexed for better performance and faster multitasking. All the other apps bloating your device like theme chooser, theme store, Galaxy app store and Galaxy apps are removed from this, so your phone has a decent amount of RAM free for other things.

Features: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop based, extremely de-bloated, based on OE2 firmware, memory leak fixes, smart manager, rooted, busy box installed, zip-aligned, Viper4Android, deodexed, Alliance Framework v1.1, Alliance themes, KNOX removed completely, TouchWiz UI, Edge features, Edge people, build.prop tweaks, S-Note, more edge screen features, modded stock camera app.

Download: Extreme Syndicate V8 ROM

Revolution 1.0 ROM:

The Revolution 1.0 ROM is a lite custom ROM made by a popular developer on XDA developers. The Revolution custom ROM is a tweaked stock ROM which is debloated, deodexed and rooted so you don’t need to do anything to get your phone ready after installing any custom ROM.

Features: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop based, official stock firmware, SuperSU 2.49, deodexed, BusyBox, zip-aligned, CD ROM installer installer disabled, native hot spot, safe volume disabled, OTA added, animations speeds add .25 and .75 in the Developer Options, developer options enabled by default, USB debugging by default, added download booster, multi window toggles.

Download: Revolution 1.0 ROM

CleanROM Lite 1.5:

If you want your phone with the same TouchWiz interface, TouchWiz launcher and notification center and with more performance than before to play more games, then you should install this Clean ROM Lite 1.5 custom ROM. The CleanROM custom ROM is based on the Galaxy S6’s stock ROM, but removed lots of unwanted apps and features which have no good use. CleanROM Lite 1.5 also does not have the theme chooser or the theme store.

Features: Based on latest Verizon Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, theme chooser and theme store removed, better performance than stock ROM, rooted with SuperSU, de bloated, deodexed, zip aligned, Busy Box installed, removed KNOX, rock stable and buttery smooth.

Download: CleanROM Lite 1.0

Rick’s ROM:

Rick’s ROM is yet another custom ROM based on stock firmware which is rooted, debloated, zip-aligned and deodexed. But this custom ROM claims to be the fastest and smoothest stock firmware based custom ROM on the internet.

Features: Android 5.0.2 Lollipop based, de bloated, rooted  with SuperSU, init.d support, Busy Box, removed tether checks, removed the Verizon CD installer, changed lock screen and work space wallpapers, FX root file explorer, added ringtones and notification sounds, developer options enabled by default, custom boot and shut down animations.

Download: Rick’s ROM

Galaxy S6’s Stock ROM:

Tired of flashing custom ROMs one after another? Now you want your phone back as you started back then and you forgot to take a backup of your stock ROM when installing custom ROM? Then worry no more! You can now get your phone back as good as new and with all the features that every custom ROM doesn’t have. The S6’s stock ROM is not any custom ROM so you need a PC, working internet connection and a USB cable to install it on your phone.

Features: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop based, deodexed for performance, pre-rooted with SuperSU, debloated for extra free space, better RAM management, no mods, hacks or user interface tweaks added just the simple stock ROM.

Download: Galaxy S6’s Stock ROM

Stock OE2 ROM:

When you are coming back to the stock ROM after any custom ROM, the only headache is that you have to root it again, install some tweaks for performance and install the custom recovery again. That’s not the case with this Stock OE2 ROM. You don’t need to do all that at all. Instead, just install this stock OE2 custom ROM on your phone and you will get all. That’s works because it is rooted, can be flashed using custom recovery like any other custom ROM and it is deodexed for better performance and battery.

Features: Samsung Galaxy S6’s stock ROM based, pre-rooted, deodexed, zip aligned, busy box installed.

Download: Stock OE2 ROM