A custom ROM on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone is custom firmware designed to rid your device of the stock ROM and replace it with something more suitable to your wants and needs. These custom ROMs can often come with new features that you have never seen from the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 stock ROM. Furthermore, they can reduce the features from the stock ROM to create better speed and performance. A custom ROM can also give your Note 5 a different look that’s original, and not anything like you get on your device from Samsung and Android.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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MOAR OK3 v2.1:

The MOAR OK3 v2.1 custom ROM is Sprint Galaxy Note 5 based stock based ROM with a good deal of performance tweaking. The MOAR custom ROM had tons of features and options that can be customized that are available from the settings. With more theming options available, you can customize your phone on the fly. The MOAR custom ROM is more responsive and powerful than the previous stock ROM because its pre-rooted so you don’t need to do it yourself.

Features: Based on Lollipop OK3 firmware, KNOX removed, on the fly theming, deodexed, optimized and debloated APKs and jars, hack hotspot, build.prop, battery, CSC tweaks, smooth as silk performance, modified and working private mode, all apps enabled for multi window, music control, modified default animation scales, wireless charging popup disabled, scrolling cache disabled, torch enabled volume buttons.

Download: MOAR OK3 V2.1 ROM

TW Slim v1.3:

The TW Slim v1.3 custom ROM is fully customized and tweaked, and so trimmed that just the TW system UI is the only thing in the way from it being just like the stock ROM. You will get the stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow launcher in this ROM for better performance. All the Samsung related apps and stores (theme store and Galaxy app store) has been trimmed out from this ROM so you will get more free RAM and storage.

Features: Android 5.1 Lollipop based, fixed lots of bugs from stock ROM, added deep sleep module, full S6 edge (true edge), Nova player pro, xposed, major removal of apps, marshmallow boot animation, KNOX completely removed, Netflix and Hulu apps patched for fix, surround sound mod.

Download: TW Slim v1.3 ROM

Defender v1.3 ROM:

One more Galaxy Note 5 stock ROM is here, and it also claims to be faster and smoother than the original stock ROM. The Defender custom ROM is so tweaked that even the TouchWiz app launcher is absent. You will just get the stock wallpapers and the Settings menu which looks like the stock ROM. You can also install this custom ROM as a stock ROM using the custom recovery.

Features: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop based, smart launcher, built in firewall and security, swift key, Kodi, VLC added, root browser, CM browser, patched Netflix, boot patched, dark Knight theme, YouTube Ad Away, YouTube background player, wanam, double tap to sleep, KNOX removed completely, Marshmallow boot, sound boost, deodexed, no Touch Wiz launcher.

Download: Defender v1.3 ROM

Sprint Marshmallow ROM:

The Sprint Marshmallow ROM is not a custom ROM (technically). It is a leaked Galaxy Note 5 stock ROM which is based on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. The Marshmallow custom ROM is not the official OTA update so it could have some bugs and flaws, so be ready for them just in case. If you are a person who always wants to try something new before anyone else, then install this custom ROM on your Sprint Galaxy Note 5 before everyone else. To install it, first download the Odin flashing tool and then flash the file as you normally would with an official firmware file from the Sam Mobile website. You can find the latest Odin software for your Galaxy Note 5 here.

Features: Android 6.0 Marshmallow based, hotspot hack, 5 way reboot, KNOX removal scripts, boot animation restored, no more big lag on reboot, removed ongoing dump state nag, removed engineering code from shutdown, developer mode disabled by default (go to settings > about device > tap on build number 7 times to enable).

Download: Sprint Marshmallow ROM

Sprint Galaxy Note 5 Stock ROM:

If you get messed up your device while installing any custom ROM and your device got stuck on boot loop, then you need this custom ROM to be installed on your phone to get your breathing again. This stock ROM is a little bit tweaked so you don’t need to go through all that rooting and installing custom recovery process. You can easily install this custom ROM using the custom recovery like all other custom ROM.

Features: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop based, stock kernel (root permissive), all factory installed apps, including the sprint setup wizard, KNOX and Sprint Itson removed completely, hot spot mode enabled, added camera shutter sound option in the camera settings, added call/message block in settings, enabled call recording from the phone dialer, private mode works out of the box.

Download: Sprint Galaxy Note 5 Stock ROM