There is a paradox with custom ROMs and flagship smartphones that often get the best custom ROMs available. Most people install custom ROMs because they want to swap the stock version of Android for something that looks different and has different features. A flagship smartphone like the LG G3 handset is a handset that gets many custom ROMs rolling out for it in comparison to other smartphones and tablets that are not so popular or are of the lower end variety. Unfortunately, most people who have the flagship smartphone aren’t looking to install custom ROMs because they feel as though much of what they paid for is available being shown on the display and since that is the software that came with the device that is the one that wants to use. That limits the popularity is custom ROMs being installed. Obviously, the more people who install new ROMs, the more developers developer for those individuals who own a particular device, so the flagships are the most popular devices to install a custom ROM on. But it would be even more popular if they weren’t such good devices that didn’t demand such high-risk reward scenarios.

If you aren’t sure about installing a custom ROM, there are many articles online explaining reasons why they are a good thing. Likewise, you can find nearly as many that tell you all the things you need to be careful of or why you shouldn’t install them. The choice is yours as to what you want running on your device. One thing I will say though is that there is nothing morally or ethically wrong with installing a custom ROM and you don’t need to wonder if you are going to be breaking the law or getting into trouble. About as much risk as it gives is that some manufacturers might refuse to look at your device if you want to send it away under warranty because any time you tinker with the operating system the chance of something going wrong increases in comparison to when you do nothing with the stock ROM, and they make for potential issues that OEMs don’t want to deal with if they don’t have to.

Resurrection Remix

The Resurrection Remix custom ROM is available for all good versions of the LG G3 smartphone, so naturally, you can expect the same treatment for the T-Mobile variant of the device. The version of the Resurrection Remix custom ROM for this phone is based on the Android Nougat software updates and has just been updated during February of 2017, making it extremely up to date for an older device. You get all of the same Resurrection Remix features that you get with the other ROMs, only this particular version is based on the Android 7.1 Nougat software update. Resurrection Remix ROMs come from many sources, one of which has always been CyanogenMod up until CyanogenMod no longer was a company making ROMs. Some of the newer versions are now based on the Lineage OS sources which are the modern day version of CyanogenMod just under a different name.

Download: Resurrection Remix ROM

Dirty Unicorns

There is an unofficial version of the Dirty Unicorns custom ROM available for the T-Mobile LG G3 smartphone that is based on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software update. The Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is not going to be the latest version of Android that you can run as far as custom ROMs go and an unofficial build isn’t the most appetizing, but the Dirty Unicorns custom ROMs are always worth a look if you aren’t happy with the other options out there.

The Dirty Unicorns custom ROMs used always to be based on the AOKP sources, but the newer versions were then based on OmniROM. Every since Android Lollipop, however, the Dirty Unicorns custom ROMs have been from AOSP sources. The Dirty Unicorns ROM here is still in its test stages and likely will not ever get out of it since this is not a new ROM. Therefore, it’s hard to recommend using this on your daily smartphone. Try it if you are interested in checking out what the Dirty Unicorns ROMs are about but nothing more.

Download: Dirty Unicorns ROM


PAC-Man ROMs are great custom ROMs for flagship smartphone that come with quality hardware. They need power to be able to handle all of the features that this feature-rich custom ROM has to offer. It is not the lightest custom ROM in the world by any means, but many people love installing the PAC-Mac ROMs and eve prefer installing them over any other. PAC-MAN ROMs get their name from an acronym and not because they come with the PAC-MAN game. With it, you get a mixture of Paranoid Android, AOKP and CyanogenMod ROMs mixed. The developers will tell you that they have mixed the best features taken from each one, but that is up for debate.

The PAC-Man custom ROM for the T-Mobile LG G3 smartphone is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The downside is that this is only a test build and should not be installed on a daily smartphone that you need for work until it moves into the stable build stages. The chances of that happening are slim—it looks like the developers have given up on this ROM being anything more than it’s test build. If the LG G3 smartphone is the best smartphone you’ve ever owned and you’ve never installed the PAC_MAN custom ROMs on a device before, then you should check this one out for fun.

Download: PAC-MAN ROM

Liquid Dark

You might already be aware of the “Liquid Smooth” name in the custom ROM industry. Anything that starts with “Liquid” usually is always made by the same people, but is just a different ROM with different features. Take the “Liquid Dark” custom ROM here for example. It is put together by LiquidSmooth, CyanogenMOD, and AOSP.

The Liquid Dark custom ROM for the T-Mobile LG G3 smartphone comes with a host of features, including LiquidDark Wallpaper app, CM LockClock, Live Volume Steps, Volume key cursor control, Network speed indicator, Clear recents button, Toast Animations, Battery and Notification Lights, Status bar brightness control, Listanimation Views and Interpolator, Quick pulldown listpreference, Android-6.0.0_r26 (MDB08M), LiquidDark (CM-Base) Kernel, Build with UBERTC toolchains and loads more.

Download: Liquid Dark ROM


The SlimROM custom ROMs have the main objective of slimming down the features of Android to help increase the performance while still offering enough of the right stuff to keep you going. If you are a “minimalist” type of person, then you might be wanting to use the SlimROM above all others. SlimROMs are based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and this particular ROM is based on the Android 7.0 Nougat software update. Sadly, this is not an official build that is made by the official SlimROM team. Instead, it’s an unofficial build that has been ported over from another device for the T-Mobile LG G3 by the Android community who wanted to see this ROM made available.

Some of the features that you get with this version of SlimROM are Android Nougat, Slim Center, Slim Launcher, Slim File Manager, Slim Heads Up, The Real Dark Slim User Interface, Smart Card Service, Improved Performance, Custom Quick Settings Tiles, Lockscreen Shortcuts, Drawer Shortcuts, Notification Reminder/Snoozer, Removed Bloatware, and loads more.

Download: SlimROM ROM


If it is a smooth, stable and fast custom ROM experience that you are after, you should check out the LiquidSmooth ROM. The LiquidSmooth custom ROM is one of the few official ROMs you can install on this device if that means something to you. The downside with this one is that it is only based on the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop software update. When you compare that to some of the other custom ROMs out there for the LG G3 smartphone that can run the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat software update, it’s a tough sell to want to install this one today. However, when it comes to pedigree, not many do it better than the LiquidSmooth team. This was a great ROM when it first came out for the LG G3 smartphone from T-Mobile.

Download: LiquidSmooth ROM