It was only a matter of time: Now we are starting to see the first pieces of inside the mobile phone start to gain some curvature so that we can start looking at making the phone’s bendable to a certain degree.

Smartphones have recently developed never seen before technology that gives screens the ability to bend. The only problem with this — if you can call it that — is that the rest of the smart phone still can’t move. That won’t be a problem forever, though.

It seems we are already starting to see the insides begin to move as the LG G Flex — which was just launched today for the first time — has a battery on board with it that can indeed bend to a certain degree.

We will see this new battery featured inside of the new phone’s once they leave the manufacturing plants and prepare for shipments.

The G Flex is the first phone to join a curved hard shell around the display to show what it can do. Other than looks there isn’t much these screens are capable of just yet. They are a lot stronger though, and this will decrease the amount of broken screens, we will see in the near future.