Have you found yourself stuck in a situation where you want to connect the computer to the internet, but you’ve forgotten your WiFi password and don’t know how to go about obtaining it? Other than following our guide on getting the password again, there’s also a way you can still connect to the internet so long as the router you are using is relatively new.

Most modern Internet Service Providers have figured out that there is no security risk by allowing people within the home where the router is situated to be able to connect to the internet without knowing the WiFi password. That password was originally created to keep everyone else out. Up until recently, you had to enter the password to get access to your own network, but that isn’t the case anymore.

Now there’s a button on most routers called “WPS” which stands for WiFi Protected Setup, and all you need to do is press it when you are trying to connect to the internet, and it’ll bypass the part where you need to enter the password. If your router is relatively new and you aren’t seeing the “WPS” button, it might be because the company you are signed up with has a different name for it. For example, the company I’m with offers a “Paired” button instead. Get in touch with your ISP and ask them what is the equivalent to “WPS” on your router if you aren’t sure what options you’re looking at on the router in your home.

How to Connect Windows 10 PC to WiFi Network Without Entering Password

You can connect your Windows 10 computer to the WiFi network without entering a password directly from the taskbar. To get started, click on the “WiFi” icon available in your taskbar.

It then opens a similar flyout to the Action Center with your WiFi connections available at the top. It’ll also show any of your neighbors who are within close proximity. When you find the details to yours, click on it to expand it and then click on the “Connect” button.

If you’re lucky, you might get connected to the internet automatically because your Windows 10 operating system is remembering your password from previous attempts. If it doesn’t then you’ll see the password prompt. It’s at this time that you want to click on that “WPS” button located on your router. The router then automatically sends the password information to the computer, and it’ll start connecting you to the WiFi network.

Windows 10 does an excellent job of automatically remembering the WiFi networks you connect to along with their passwords, so you don’t have to keep keying in the information each time you disconnect and connect again. The operating system also allows you to “forget” any WiFi network that you’ve previously added just in case you don’t want any remembering to happen anymore. If you’ve hit that button so it forgets or you just haven’t entered the password for that particular network yet, then the guide above will be useful to you if you’ve forgotten your password.

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