New figures show China has up to 42 million iPhone users. This data is presented as an unofficial number, however, it is an exact figure.

There was much backlash of Apple’s latest iPhone 5C, which was viewed as nothing more than a business proposition for Apple as they tried to take some of the Chinese market. With this news it seems there may have been a good reason in trying to do just that.

Many people believe that the iPhone 5C price was too high to make any real impact in the Asian markets. Others believe that the reason for Apple’s pricing was very calculated and giving them back a certain profit margin on the new range of iPhone products, which are a recycled version of the iPhone 5, which has been out for roughly a year now around the world.

Reports are that China plan on opening up the ports to the fast 4G speed network in November of this year. The new iPhone 5S and 5S both of TD LTE capabilities to go along with the 4G. This is a big reason for this range of iPhone’s becoming very popular later this year in China.