For those of you situated over in the United States, there are always many perks of buying products that come along with great deals compared to places around the rest of the globe. Here’s another one of those, this time from Best Buy, who is offering a free iPhone 5 to customers that choose to trade in their old iPhone’s at the same time. Not a bad deal right?

Whilst the wording technically is true, it isn’t as nice as it may sound. The free iPhone 5 is not the phone brought outright, but rather it will come to you free on a two-year contract. A normal buyer would have to spend about $100 on the mobile first and then jump on the multiple year contract. Put that all together and it’s basically a saving of $100 for the trade of your old iPhone. Still a good deal? It’s not too bad at all if you plan on getting in on the new iPhone S or 5C.

If you do fancy a bit of this, you will have to hurry. This promotion will end Monday, leaving you only the couple of days over the weekend to get it sorted out.

Offer does not extend to company accounts.

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