Apple announced during their press event that pre-orders will begin on the 13th of September for the budget version of this year’s iPhone, but that time frame is a bit vague, depending on which part of the country and world you are from. Well, we can tell you now that pre-orders have officially begun for the iPhone 5C from all major phone carriers across the US and the world.

For those of you interested in the facts, it seems the time the Cupertino company was referring to was the West Coast time when the clock ticked over to the 13th from midnight.

Most big carriers have had a ticking clock for the last hours leading up to the event, except for Sprint, who are lagging behind a bit on most fronts of late. They too are selling the iPhone range, though.

This is only for the iPhone 5C. Orders will not yet be taken for the iPhone 5S which is the flagship mobile for Apple that includes the new retina display. Many insiders are saying that the iPhone 5C was more of a business venture more so than anything else. Current reports are that the iPhone 5C will go on sale first because it gives off a higher profit margin due to certain aspects of the project according to sources.

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