Apple’s biggest news of the day, the iPhone 5S has been unveiled by the Cupertino company earlier today. Although much of the world didn’t get to watch the release live, they have been able to watch replay’s of the event, thanks to the official Apple website which is hosting it as we speak.

See More: Watch the event as it happened earlier today here.

Without a doubt, the main feature which stole the show was the new fingerprint scanner, which will be built into the iPhone 5S home button, and when running your finger over it, will detect who you are and unlock the device for you. Thus leaving no more use for the old pass code unlock idea, which is probably a good thing because who had time for that anyway?

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what else the newest benchmark device in the iPhone family has to offer.


The S version of the iPhone typically always has the same body as the number which came out before it. It isn’t until the next number in which we see a dramatic change in appearance. While that is true, there are some small differences this time around. To make may for the new fingerprint sensor, the home button has indeed been altered by a fair amount. It’s still round, it’s still small and it’s still in the same position, however, those who pay careful attention to detail will be able to pick the difference, which lies around the outer ring of the circumference.


After covering many leaks, it was widely assumed that the iPhone 5S would have a 1080 x 1920 resolution. That has turned out to not be the case at all. What is actually has is the old 640 x 1136 pixels resolution. This doesn’t bode well at all considering they also decided not to bother keeping up with the outstanding amount of megapixel cameras we are seeing these days. The 5S will keep it’s 8 Megapixels.

Moreover, the new iPhone has decided that the 4 inch screen is big enough, despite the competition generally being quite a bit larger than that. Many people are beginning to slam iPhone on this, saying the screen is too small. Bigger isn’t always better though, and in this department Apple are clearly saying no. The good news is that the screen is made from the IPS LCD technology, which creates an amazing screen. This could also be a reason why Apple didn’t feel the need to up the screen resolution compared to the competition.

Operating System

This one has been specially made for iOS 7 in mind, which comes with over 200 new features,which you can check out here.It could also be attributed to the reason why there wasn’t exactly a great deal of change in the iPhone itself. If you combine the new fingerprint scanner, along with the new iOS 7, it is arguably enough for people to get familiar with over the next 12 months. The newest Apple operating system in 2013 looks particularly good with the iPhone 5C when the screen is shown in color.


There hasn’t been much the iPhone does exceptionally well, or that is ground breaking new technology until we get to the processor. This new iPhone 5S will come with a brand new 64 bit never seen before processor, which should perform nicely and also be able to make use of the new firmware as well as built in apps. This is being called the new A7 chip and it is reported to have a CPU 40 times more powerful than its predecessors. The CPU is considered to be the heart of a mobile.

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