Apple had planned to gain control of the mobile markets in China with the new iPhone 5C, otherwise known as the budget iPhone. This became very familiar when they allowed the Chinese to watch the live webcast of the event, but kept the rest of the world closed off. It was already though that Apple were aiming the way of the Chinese, however, this all-but confirmed the notion.

When Apple revealed the prices of the iPhone 5C most people were shocked from all corners of the globe. People were expecting lower figures than what they were (around $740 US). This figure has it pegged as a very high mid-range smart phone to keep an eye on. Not the cheap iPhone that everyone wanted the chance to own.

When the representative, Schilles, revealed the specs and features, it was becoming clear that this new iPhone really wasn’t any different to the current iPhone that is already out — the iPhone 5. Basically, the only difference is the outer shell, where the new 5C is made of plastic, and thus becomes very cheap to recycle old iPhone’s and create the inflated priced new version. There is little doubt that this is the reason for Apple’s tactics, however, with such a high price hitting stores now, it is possible that it has missed the mark altogether and won’t have the people of China shopping for it anywhere as much as they might have thought they would.

Furthermore, the budget version will not include the much talked about fingerprint scanner. This will only be coming to the 5S devices instead.

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