Apple isn’t the kind company tol follow when it comes to trying to watch live feeds of events, however, they do OK when it comes to giving access to the important parts in the hours after the event has winded down.

Many people know by now that there are two new iPhone’s: the iPhone 5S , which is the usual benchmark iPhone, and the iPhone 5C which is made to compete with the mid-range markets. Although, many people have complained about how pricey, it is in a middle of the pack mobile, but that’s another story.

The good news is that Apple have released three sweet videos which show us what these new iPhone’s are capable of by the way of features — something which has been difficult to find. We all know there is a cheaper, budget, iPhone, but because we didn’t get access to the live event, we didn’t see what it can do. Now, though, with the help of these clips, you should have a fair idea of which way you might go when you decide it’s time to start shopping for a new phone.

Depending on which part of the world you hail from, price might not be much of an issue anyway, because the mobiles might be coming your way via a plan, in which case, the mobile is free anyway. That brings up an interesting point about why the “budget” version might not have been made to “budget” so to speak.

Which one do you want, and which one will you be purchasing? Or will you be going down another direction all together? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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