In case you haven’t heard by now, Apple’s biggest feature to come out of today was the fingerprint sensor, which after many rumors, was finally revealed to us all from Cupertino headquarters this morning.

Then we were told by Apple that iOS 7, the new firmware for the Apple devices, will be available to the public after its September 18 release.

Furthermore, we were then told that Developers would be able to get their hands on the new Gold master iOS firmware as of now if they were signed up to the Devs center.

Great, sign me up? Not so fast if it was the fingerprint sensor you wanted to try. An Apple spokesperson, Schiller has confirmed that the soon to be ‘everybody’s new favorite toy’ will not be available for use in the build by itself.

The new scanner will come included as part of the home button on the new iPhone 5S and 5C devices.

The new technology will be used for unlocking the mobile to authenticate access, instead of the old passcode method.

Developers were interested in knowing if they could develop and check out the code which was used for the new scanner.

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