The iPhone 5C has officially been on pre-sale for over 24 hours now. While that may not seem like a great deal of time to draw any conclusions, you’d be surprised how much of a picture it would paint because of the sheer volume of orders.

As for unofficial reports, this one may take the cake, but by judging on what item is taking the longest to order, sources have predicted what they think is the correct pecking order of the iPhone 5C in terms of which color is most popular. The trend may differ in the coming days and there is no real data on the matter, but from looking at order date data the yellow iPhone 5C is the most popular.

Most colors are available from September 20, however, the Yellow version is not available any more until the 25th of September.

The fact that most colors are still readily there from the 20th of some cause for concern. Generally, when an iPhone is released it is typically several weeks on hold. This time around, for the budget iPhone, it is less than 1 week. This is all we have to go on when trying to reach how well the next iPhones are doing in the market.

Extra information: You can see the Yellow model on show in the image above.

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