Those of you who have been loyal to Apple iPhone for over a year now, would most likely remember the times when iOS 6 had issues with the passcode unlock screen, assuming you did indeed update to the latest firmware at the time. This became a really big security flaw which allowed people to get through the exploit and into other people’s phones. With the update of the firmware came a fix and everything seemed to be fine once again.

iOS 7 was then released only a few days ago, and with it, came back the dreaded bug which again lets intruders bypass the passcode unlock screen. Whilst not exactly the same, it essentially has opened up the very same exploit. It’s a rather unusual twist of events, considering that it has already happened before, a mistake we seldom see a big company like Apple makes twice.

If you use the available exploit you will have limited access to certain system areas. This means you won’t be able to browse the entire mobile as if you were free-browsing, but you can still get into some important areas no doubt some people would rather keep private such as the new multi-tasking screen.

There has actually been a video posted which shows the hacker doing his thing and it also shows us exactly how it’s done. From the lock screen he manages to access the control screen. From here, he then opens up the new camera via quick toggling. Now he goes back to the alarm clock, long pressing the power key, like you normally would do when shutting down the iPhone. Once he’s done that, he then presses cancel and double tap the home button. This will now have the brand new iOS 7 multi-tasking screen hacked into without any need of unlocking the device.

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