If you didn’t actually own an Apple TV, you would be forgiven in thinking it no longer existed, purely because there just hasn’t been any news on it for so long now. Apple did mention an update heading its way, however, it never came. That is until now, when the Cupertino company finally got this thing out of its beta stages and ready for release to the public.

Now, owners are able to update to Apple TV 6.0, with a plethora of features at hand once they do. This new version comes with the much-anticipated, AirPlay, which is available from the cloud and the loved iTunes radio, as well as the iTunes music store.

Airplay was one of the features I mentioned in the update, and it will also play a critical role in dishing out the other updates to the system, because it is the thing that will make the other possible updates to install.

We all know how much people love their entertainment in the form of music and television, so why not put the two of them together? That is the theory behind all the new iTunes goodies packed inside this update. The only downside is that it will only be available for the living inside of the United States. It seems a bit silly since that iTunes is available world-wide, however, it is unfortunate how it is for now. There has been no inner rambling on when Apple plans on changing that, or indeed, even if they will ever be able to. Obviously the TV side of things is causing some issues with it spreads out further. It is a situation people who hail from other parts of the globe should be all too familiar with, as this type of thing is common in tech. That’s why it’s always a good idea to search around and thoroughly understand exactly what it is that you’re buying, and exactly what features are available in your neck of the woods.

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