The release of Apples iOS 7 has brought about much debate over, its worthiness to be Apples next big thing. We all know by now that it is a great deal different from any other iOS we have seen previously, and has been labelled the biggest change yet, but one thing that can’t be argued is that it has brought along a shrew of bugs with it. Granted, not all people will be experiencing these bugs, therefor it will be getting a mixed bag of reviews on the department also, but this is always the case.

Another thing that is always the case, and arguably the biggest issue some users are experiencing after updating to IOS 7, are the dreaded battery draining problem. This is a problem that seems to come after every new major iOS update, so don’t worry. There’s some good news on the way that should put this problem to rest forever, and that is the next batch of firmware updates should be hitting devices in the next few days. If you want to get your hands on it manually, you can download it here for the iPhone 5S and 5C.

The battery issue isn’t always just for the iPhones’ though, it can also be with the iPad and the iPod touch, which this iOS 7 was also made and rolled out for over the last few days. If you fall into that class, there’s is some workarounds you can deal with that will help you out until the next firmware 70.0.1 hits your settings.

Screen Brightness

The most common one we can all do easily is not having the device’s screen turned up brightly. The brighter you have it on the more battery it will use. It’s as simple as that. It’s also a good tip for any time in general, you need to urgently save some power.

Dynamic Wallpapers

These dynamic wallpapers might look the part, however, they are notorious for causing battery draining issues. It is always advised to turn this off instead for now. Once your fix has permanently arrived, then you can start to think about turning this feature back on again.

Background Apps

There is a setting which lets users control whether the iPhone or iPad will be able to use apps running in the background. It is advised to shut this off instead. Keeping it on will kill your devices buzz quicker than it normally would with it off.

Location Services

Whenever we use social media, or anything of that nature, there’s the option to turn on location services. This will basically allow for your location to be shown next to your name so everyone can see where you are. By disabling this feature you will improve your devices, temporary life time considerably.

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