Windows boot does mean to start the Windows OS. When you start Windows, a lot of programs run, which are set to autorun. If your PC is older and has loaded with lots of GBs, then it would take some time to boot up. PC boot up time depends on many factors, such as the PC age, maintenance, etc.

BootRacer is a free tool for the Windows users to track the boot time of their computers. It supports Windows XP, Vista and 7, so you can install it on any of these Windows versions. BootRacer logs all the events while booting up your PC, so you can get a detailed report of which programs are taking too much time to load and diagnose them.


BootRacer has a simple interface and contains only a few options, so you can start with the program easily without configuring many settings. To run the BootRacer, just download it using the link given below and install it on your Windows system. Then, launch it from the Start Menu. On the main screen of the program, you will find three options which are Start, Advanced, and Exit. If you do not want to go in deep, then you can start the test by just clicking on the Start button. When you click it, you will be asked to restart your PC to check your boot time. You can only say yes or restart at a later time; it depends on you.


When the PC boots up next time, you will be able to see its boot time details in this program log. After analyzing the log, you may remove some programs from your PC to speed up the boot time and then recheck the bootup time with this tool. This tool helps you to compare the boot time of different computers and to analyze them.

The advanced section has the options to control the tool and use it exactly as you want. Like, you can allow or disallow the tool to write log to events log, change the settings when the tool should check the boot time, etc. These configuration options affect the overall process of the tool and give you the exact information you need.


Download: BootRacer For Windows

BootRacer is compatible with the Windows XP, Vista and 7 and it is a freeware tool.

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