Each time you visit a website, the website leaves a file on your computer called the cookie. It uses such file to track your visit to the site. Most of the times this cookie file contains your user data, like username and password for a site, so when you get to that site second time, it reads the cookie and gives you access to members area without having to re-enter the details.

There are several web browsers in the market, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. These browsers do have the option to erase the data, such as cookies, history, downloads that have been left by a user after using the Internet. It is somehow a time-consuming task to remove traces from each browser separately. There is a tool available called Wipe, it allows you to clean up the browsers’ details easily from just a single interface, without needing to open each browser separately and delete data.


Wipe uses the permanent delete algorithm so your data cannot be ever recovered using any recovery tool. It even changes the file names while deleting so no one can get any clue what the file was about. Along with web browser data clean up, it supports additional 100 applications. It removes almost all the garbage files which have occupied your hard disk space. It leads to more free hard drive space and improves the overall performance of your computer. It contains a bunch of features which help you out in removing the traces from your computer made by the programs you installed.


Download: Wipe for Windows

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