These days it is hard to pick the difference between instant messenger services. It pretty much comes down to what you like the look of the best, what load times suits you more and what friends you have that are using the particular client in question.

Now, though, ChatOn has created a neat feature that I wish all of the messaging apps had that lets you erase a message after it has been transferred so that the recipient does not see it. I cannot tell you how many times I have clicked send only to regret what I just said. At Times, I say things in the heat of the moment that I do not mean and other times I did not think about the aftermath of what I just said. Then there is the times when you accidentally post pictures and other texts to the wrong person. Thankfully every single scenario i just mentioned will now be magically erased if you decide to use this updated ChatOn Android 3.5 version.



That is a feature that we all knew would be cool, but nobody knew how to create. Now, they have used their brains even more to come up with something that certainly fits the bill with social media taking over the past few years and that is the ability to share our locations inside of the message app so our friends and contacts can know where we are.

Developers, Samsung Electronics Ltd, have also included several other feature in this update including using SMS messages and ChatOn in the chat room to talk to each other, send larger image files of up to 1 GB in the chat room and a better live UI by live channel. As you can see many of the main focal points revolve around grouped chat activity and that could be the way things are headed instead of the usual one on one time.

Over 100 million people have installed this application on Android devices alone so as you can see it is very popular. That figure could be much higher as well, but the Play Store does not specify what it is. We do know it is below 500 million.

To install this new version namely 3.5.59 of ChatOn users must be running Android 2.2 and up. If you want my advice I will not use it with anything under 2.3 Gingerbread. It is perpetually a great idea to now be not on the exact bottom amount because you know it is only just scraping in as tolerable if you do. Gingerbread should work nicely and the vast majority of you should at least be running that as an operating system now anyway so there is no worries there.

Download the ChatOn version that lets you delete messages after sending them here.