PayPal has just launched a brand new app that was announced back in February. It lets users pay by swiping their fingerprint on the Sammy flagship smartphone sensor built in to the scanner on the home button that was made to let users unlock the passcode instead of having to pin in a physical code.

It is the first offset piece of technology we revised that uses a fingerprint scanner that we first saw on the iPhone 5S last year that has only just made its way to the Samsung and HTC flagship handsets over the last month.

PayPal Samsung Galaxy S5

PayPal is a service that I use to collect many of my online payments from advertisers. I use it because it has no transfer fees at all so I can collect my full payment instead of only part of it. If you transfer via bank most of them take out a fee for this. That is why I encourage many people I know to shop with Paypal like I do. If you own a Galaxy S5, this new Swipe Payment application can be used in 25 different countries. This list includes my own Australia, United Sated of America, the UK, Switzerland, Turkey, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, Russia, Portugal, Norway, Poland, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Ital, Luxembourger and more.

Paypal also released separate apps to work with the Galaxy Gear 2 smart watch and the Gear Fit wearable tech for the wrist. In addition to that, all three of the apps for each platform will be free for everybody to download. If you shop at local retail outlets you can check in from the shop, find out how much money is in your account plus pay for items with the money that is in your account. Even though transferring money is free, it takes around three business days for funds to be transferred so don’t forget to have money in a PayPal account if you want to use it right away. I always keep it open for direct payments and use my bank account to collect other payments. This way I have money constantly coming into both.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 just recently launched itself on the 11th of April and we have managed to get our hands on the white version ourselves. We have also watched it sit in a boiling pot of water and be bashed with a hammer. Both of those tests it passed well. Even though the glass did break, it withstood lots of pressure and it managed to stay in a boiling pot for minutes. The result is you should not be afraid to take this handset out in the desert with you because it can take some heat.

Via: Business Wire