After spending a lot of time working with Kennedy, I mentally started taking notice of other journal entry style applications and it did not take long before Day One was in my hands. After winning the 2012 Mac App of the Year, it is fair to say that Day One is arguably the best journal style app available on Apple’s iOS. If you have not worked with it by now I highly advise you give it shot. Many of our peers use it and speak very highly of it.

Anything that starts with a nice electric blue bar up the top similar to Twitter and Mashable instantly gets my attention. Day One implements it again successfully. It looks great with a grey text and for just about all images. That plays a bigger role than it did before thanks to a unique innovation that allows publish to be used with iPad. Publish is a brand new feature that came out last month designed to help make a more sociable sharing option so your entries could be shared with people you wanted them shared with and not just kept to yourself.

Day One

It turns out this idea has been a big success so far and part of that success comes from the fact that people still have the choice to keep entries private and away from eyes they do not want to see it. Now developers Bloom Built, LLC have opened up a new feature to the second most popular device that consumers use the application on, the iPad. There has been no word on whether the developers will continue the trend and bring it out for iPad touch. Our guess is that they will not only because the iPod touch offers a different experience altogether with the screen being os small. However, the fact that it was originally made for the iPhone and back then the screen was small enough os it is certainly a possibility we see an iPod touch version of it in the future.

It also comes with a new feature inside of the existing “paste from Clipboard” that lets you insert copied photos to the photo entries.

The new version namely 1.14 came in 19 different languages. There ‘re the obvious English countries and the main parts of Europe, but this app is also reaching out to areas across Asia such as Korea and japan which is cool too.

It was originally made for the iPhone only and because of that it is still recommended for use on the iPhone 5. However, I have trialled this new version from the iPad and it looks great. I like the layout and design. Remember you must be running iOS 7 or later to use the application and it is also available for iPad touch.

Day One 1.14 is available on the app store for $4.99 from this link here.