The next carrier in line for the Android 4.3 update on the HTC One will be C Spire wireless.

When updates start rolling out they usually go to the biggest phone carriers first, followed by the smaller one’s; it just makes sense that way round on so many levels. It also includes not really being able to complain as a consumer, because, well, it was the smaller phone carrier you went with after all if a problem arises.

HTC One C Spire

This time around was a bit different, however, as small known carrier C Spire were third in the pecking order behind Spring and AT&T. That still leaves some big names it left for dead in the upgrading game, including T-mobile and Verizon, which each as their own company stretches out further than the almost unknown C Spire Wireless.


This one comes as version 2.04.563.3 and commenced it’s rolling out on the 10th of October. The over the air update specializes in bug fixes and not features.

There is no further announcement yet on when the other carriers can expect to see theirs that haven’t gotten them yet.