Nokia Lumia just keeps trending up and up and up, and with all the encouragement of taking record amounts of market share over in Europe, it seems the Redmond-based company is going to try to roll out as many new devices as they possibly can over the next 6 months.

Their latest bit of work is the Lumia 2520. If you think that sounds rather large you would be correct in assuming so. Not only are the numbers going up as time goes by because the devices are getting better, but it is also going skyward because they are bigger. This one if you haven’t guessed it already is the new tablet.

Nokia has been recently purchased by Microsoft who make the Windows product line of tablets, but the hand over period isn’t coming up until later in the year, just before the Christmas period. That hasn’t stopped them from doing some mighty fine collaborations, though, and this bit or work more resembles a fine TV set and not the traditional MS surface that we know of.

The leaked image comes from Ev leaks once again, who seem like the only site that get things given to them of late. Still, we aren’t complaining because we still get to share the goodness.

This one is being unveiled on October 22, which is the same date that Microsoft have an event penciled in for. In a stunning coincidence, it is also the same day Apple has an event happening on the other side of the United States, presumably for the unveiling of the new iPad’s. Whilst not direct competition, they are both still tablets none-the-less and we know these two are some of the fiercest rivals in the business so it is no surprise that they have done this.

Microsoft is seemingly taking a leap out of the fruit companies book too, because this is not running the new Windows 8.1 but rather the old Windows RT. That is funny because it was Apple who just did a similar thing with their range of iPhone’s. Could MS be attempting a similar overseas ploy?