The Brave browser has been updated to version 1.26.67. This update comes with an FTX widget for the New Tab Page and Brave Search beta for the list of available search engines.

Brave 1.26.67

The changelog for Brave 1.26.67:

  • Added Brave Search beta to the list of available search engines.
  • Added FTX widget to the New Tab Page.
  • Added QR code generator to the URL bar.
  • Added explict opt-in to Brave News.
  • Added the ability for users to import P2P keys for use with IPFS.
  • Added the ability for users to publish content using P2P keys with IPFS.
  • [Security] Fixed CNAME uncloaking when proxy is set as reported on HackerOne by neeythann.
  • Updated adblocking to prevent DNS lookups for CNAME decloaking when requests are already blocked.
  • Updated the “Learn more” link on the IPFS interstitial page and under brave://settings/ipfs.
  • Updated the Cloudflare privacy policy link on the Unstoppable Domains interstitial page.
  • Updated brave://version to show full variation names.
  • Renamed Brave Today to Brave News.
  • Removed “Block element via selector” from the Brave extension.
  • Fixed URL bar search not working in private windows when the search provider was set by an extension.
  • Fixed issue where users were unable to share a local file or folder using IPFS.
  • Fixed IPFS sub menu not appearing on the hamburger menu until browser restart.
  • Fixed Brave being registered as an FTP handler on Linux.
  • Fixed issue where the Brave News customize button could incorrectly link to “Customize Dashboard” modal in certain cases.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 91.0.4472.114.

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