The Brave browser for desktop has been updated to version 1.25.68.

This version of Brave allows you to enter a custom tip amount for the Brave Rewards program. Previously you could only tip one of the predetermined prices from the menu.

Brave 1.25.68

The following are the realse notes for version 1.25.68:

  • Added custom tip amounts to Brave Rewards.
  • Added the ability to publish a webpage to IPFS.
  • Added the ability to import local files to IPFS.
  • Added support for resolution of Unstoppable Domains with IPFS records via Ethereum.
  • Added support for “$csp” filter list rules in blocking engine.
  • Enabled logging of Brave Rewards errors by default.
  • Updated UI for selecting page elements to hide.
  • Updated UI for “My Node” button under brave://ipfs-internals.
  • Preserved ephemeral storage partitions for a few seconds to improve compatibility with some authentication flows.
  • Disabled additional parts of Google’s FLoC system.
  • Disabled FirstParty Sets.
  • Disabled Brave Rewards on ipfs:// pages.
  • Reduced BAT threshold before being able to verify Uphold two-way user wallet from 25 to 15 BAT.
  • Removed Wallet and IPFS from brave://settings page in Guest windows.
  • Removed “Make a call from” Chromium dialog for synced mobile devices.
  • Fixed estimated pending rewards not correctly reflecting claims.
  • Fixed Brave Rewards panel display for ipns:// pages.
  • Fixed handling of Brave Rewards disabled state for various P3A metrics.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 91.0.4472.77.

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