Boost Mobile, the prepaid wireless company operating out of the United States and Australia, have announced that customers will no longer have to pay any transferring fees when using the mobile wallet.

Even though a lot of our shopping today is done online the smartphone companies are still developing technology to make our in store purchases better. That is where mobile wallet comes into play. It is a service that let’s people use an electronic account directly from their handsets to pay for goods.

The catch here is that it will not necessarily be a deal that goes forever. Boost has said that, from now and, September 30 is the period they are trialing this. It could just be an attempt to try and get more people using the service and not them wondering how it pans out long time at all. Still, we are only in April and that means there are six months of freedom with no payments required.

The only other news we have heard from Boost Mobile this year was back in January when they announced the ZTE Boost Max phablet.

The whole wallet idea has failed to kick off. In the last three years, there have only been two notable companies we can think of making a similar service. The Samsung Wallet that launched in Korea and Google wallet who felt in needed changing from the early stages after the came up with the idea to transfer it into an actual wallet. Part of the blame has to be put on the retailing side of things, who if they do not create hardware supporting it on their end, then there is no using the service at all. That then lead to people not asking if it could be used and instead just paying for items the normal way with a bank card or cash. When then saw ISIS make an attempt to spring the wallet to life by offering 50% discount on Taxi services if people paid the fair with the ISIS wallet.